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Available for purchase, exclusively at Wing On Wo (26 Mott Street Chinatown NYC) starting Feb 24th Chinatown's BIG Lion Dance Parade. We will only be making 18  pairs in Medium and 18 pairs in Large. Each are specifically numbered from 1 to 18 and come in a commemorative canvas bag that celebrates the Chinese New Year spirit along with the significance of the number 18. Get to Wing On Wo on Feb 24th to pick up the size and number you want...while supplies last...


This Chinese New Year marks a significant year for everyone celebrating 2018. In Chinese culture, the numerical significance of "18" is extremely meaningful. Eighteen 十八 phonetically resembles the words 實發 which means "sure prosperity".  This means for people around the world, twenty-eighteen's outlook and optimism is at it's highest. The strength behind these numbers will resonate through business, friendship, family and life as we know it. May this year bring you and your loved ones the confidence and reassurance of "definite prosperity."

Our Chinese New Year release of the 2018 CYNONYC Work Gloves carefully incorporates the meaning behind the number 18 and why it has it's humble place within our brand.

Inspired by the hands of the working class, the classic leather work glove can be seen through every labor intensive industry. The wear and tear in a well used and seasoned pair of work gloves tell many stories and retains a persons journey, hardships and triumphs.  Creating, building and contributing to growth is inherent to a pair of gloves. It protects the hands, so we can do more. 

The 2018 CYNONYC Work Gloves features a large CYNONYC logo across the knuckles, our "Delivering Heritage and Tradition" slogan across the cuff, along with Chinatown NYC/CYNONYC in Chinese characters. On the inside of the glove, the Chinese characters, 實發, are printed right below lower palm across the wrist. 

The placement of the words, 實發, is a reminder of the hard work it requires to prosper. It is a mark of assurance that good things can come from dedicated consistency, and it is a statement of confidence to persevere.