The CYNONYC Chinatown Clothing Company is a lifestyle brand that redefines “New York Chinese Americana.” The brand embraces New York City's geographic antiquity, while preserving the history, traditions and cultural customs of Manhattan's Original Chinatown.

The word "CYNONYC" deconstructed gives insight on the brands origins and it's direction.  “CYNO-” is a recreation of the prefix “Sino-” which is the combining form meaning Chinese. “-NYC” is New York City's abbreviation and is a recreation of the adjective-forming suffix “-ic” which is the combining form meaning “having some characteristics of.” Together CYNONYC, is a palindromic word meaning “pertaining to, belonging to, or characteristic of the distinct sub-culture of Chinatown in New York City.”  

CYNONYC is a literal and symbolic reflection of the past and present, paying homage to cultural heritage while acknowledging the ever changing landscape of Chinatown.